Yoga classes in Arborfield, Berkshire

Yoga is a bodywork which allows us to peel away the layers of tension, restore the muscles to their resting length, lubricate the joints and strengthen the bones, thereby bringing balance physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. For more details about Yoga classes in Arborfield see my About page.

Scientific research has shown that yoga improves balance, reduces fatigue, decreases anxiety, cuts stress, lifts mood, improves sleep, reduces pain and improves general well being.

Yoga is not about achieving the perfect posture, it’s about being as perfect as you can be at that given moment; it’s about being yourself. Perfect just the way you are.

The yoga philosophy incorporates breathework (pranayama), chanting, postures (asana), awareness, meditation and relaxation and its intention is to bring balance to the body and mind.

In modern life, we live in our head most of the time, thinking, planning, remembering, worrying, anticipating, imagining. Yoga allows us to bring awareness to our bodies, opening up our sensations to the present moment, here and now. It helps us to realise, that the mind and body are interconnected, in the process of being, working in harmony to achieve balance.

As we connect to our body with the breath, we bring calm to the mind and find a place of inner peace. Learn something new or deepen your Yoga practice at Arborfield Villiage Hall. For class times and what to expect see here.


  • “Yoga classes with Jude enable me to totally focus on the mind and body, which I find wonderfully energising.  She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, supportive and her classes are friendly – thoroughly enjoyable – I Love it!”

    Julie from Shinfield

  • “Jude is a wonderful yoga teacher, right from the very moment you step in the room, you start to feel relaxed! She warms you up well with good stretching exercises.  Throughout the lesson, she teaches you good breathing techniques and takes the time to show you the movements if you require assistance.  She pushes you to hold a position too, but in a good way!  All in all she is an excellent teacher and I have felt more relaxed, happy, in control and less stressed as a result.  I cannot recommend Jude highly enough.”

    Tracy from Yateley

  • “Jude is a skilled, knowledgeable and empathetic yoga teacher.  Her classes follow a fixed format with a specific focus area each week.  Jude explains the benefits of each part of the class and usually adds in something really special like chanting, working with meridian lines or an exercise to do in pairs.  A yoga class with Jude leaves me feeling lighter and brighter and I hate to miss a week.”

    Rachel from Finchampstead